Seller Café


Receive one-on-one support from Amazon subject matter experts at Seller Café. Whether you schedule a 40-minute in-person appointment or opt for a 20-minute virtual walk-up appointment, our subject matter experts will provide personalized guidance about account issues, best practices for using Amazon tools and services, and help you troubleshoot new or existing issues.

  • Seller Café subject matter experts are trained in specialized areas, including Amazon Ads, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), brand experience, and Buy with Prime.
  • When you schedule a Seller Café appointment, you can share key details about the support you’re looking for, which our subject matter experts will use to assess your business needs and prepare for your appointment.
  • Then, during the conference, you will meet with a subject matter expert who will provide strategies, guidance, and insights to help resolve your issue.

Register today to attend in person and unlock the benefits of Seller Café! Appointment booking will open in August.

Pro tip: All Seller Café appointments (scheduled and virtual walk-ups) are only available to registered in-person attendees and are offered first come, first served.

NEW in 2024

Participate in more than one appointment: In-person attendees can now take part in up to two Seller Café appointments:

  1. One scheduled one-on-one appointment. Appointments must be booked in advance when the Seller Café appointment scheduler opens.

  2. One virtual walk-up appointment. These 20-minute appointments are conducted over video by virtual subject matter experts. No advance scheduling needed—just ask for the Virtual Chat Stations once you arrive at Seller Café.

More time with subject matter experts: This year, we’re increasing the number of appointments (one-on-one and virtual walk-up) to provide more time with our subject matter experts to ensure the reason(s) for setting your appointment are addressed.



Our Amazon subject matter experts work hard to resolve your issue and answer your questions within your appointment time. However, some situations may require additional research and support. If this occurs, the subject matter expert will collect all key information during the appointment and will follow up on your case after Amazon Accelerate concludes.

In-person attendees may sign up for one, scheduled 40-minute appointment. In addition, in-person attendees may also participate in one walk-up appointment with a virtual subject matter expert. Please note that all Seller Café appointments are offered first come, first served.

Our Amazon subject matter experts are prepared to support inquiries about a range of topics. When appointments open in August, we’ll publish the 2024 Seller Café program guide, which includes a complete list of supported topics. 

Here’s a list of topics that were supported at Seller Café at Amazon Accelerate 2023:

  • Account Health Services (AHS) (including restricted products and policy compliance)
  • Amazon Ads (advertising)
  • Amazon Business
  • Amazon Custom
  • Amazon Deals & Promotions (including Subscribe & Save)
  • Amazon Freight
  • Amazon Global Logistics
  • Amazon Pay
  • Black Business Accelerator (BBA)
  • Brand Experience
  • Brand Registry
  • Buy with Prime
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
  • Global Selling (including Canada)
  • The mechanics of selling in Amazon’s store

Yes. Appointments will be available with subject matter experts who can provide guidance about the best ways to get started selling in Amazon’s store.

Yes. When you schedule your appointment, you have the opportunity to add any information regarding your open case. To ensure your subject matter expert can effectively prepare for your appointment, provide as much information as possible, including your Selling Partner Support Case ID and specific questions about your case. The more information you provide, the better we can support you. The same information should be brought to walk-up appointments. If additional support is needed beyond the Seller Café appointment, the subject matter will follow up with you after the conference.

No. Seller Café appointments are only available for registered, in-person attendees.

You will be enrolled in our pre-conference communications when you register for Amazon Accelerate.

No, there is not a fee for a Seller Café appointment.